Wednesday, March 31, 2010

California and Birthdays

My cousin Katie had a bridal shower this month so we got to head out to California for a quick trip. The weather was perfect and everyone was healthy- it was a wonderful trip. I wish this one could have lasted longer. While it was still a little fridgid in Elko we were able to enjoy the spring like weather in Antioch. (We'll be back again in just a couple of weeks)

Ford is just enjoying a wagon ride and a little sunshine. Marmie pulled him all over the yard. He can get her to do just about anything!

Dock is still curly! It's time for a trim but I'm afraid to cut those curls off. You can tell by those pink eyes that he was still a little sick when we took this picture, but nothing keeps this kid from smiling.

I had a great birthday. I went on an outing with the boys to the Library then Wade took us out to dinner. It was the first attempt to eat out at a fairly nice place with both boys. I was a little nervous but we timed it just right and they were both perfect little gentlemen. Wade gave me this double stroller for my birthday and it has been fabulous. The weather has been great and we've been on lots of walks. Ford loves it, I love it, and Dock just sleeps most of the time. If anyone is looking for a double stroller we have the Graco IPO. Its compact, light, sturdy, and a pretty dang good price. The sunshades are worthless but that's what baseball caps are for, right?

This was Wade's birthday present.

While we were in California we got to visit my Grandma Maxine. I try and visit my grandparents as often as I can because I feel time slipping away. I'm lucky to still have two grandmothers and a grandfather still living. I'm glad my boys get to meet their great grandparents, I hope they have time to really get to know them. Grandma Maxine is 86 and was just moved into a nursing home. She was so excited for our visit (so were a few of the other hall wanderers). We talked and sang songs like Wheels on the Bus, Grandma was just as delighted to sing and do the hand motions as Ford.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Two Cute Boys

Here are some pictures of my two cuties. We haven't been up to too much since our last post, just taking turns being sick. Poor Ford, it seems like it's always his turn, Wade, Dock and I have been sick on and off but our little Ford has been sick with the flu, cold, or croup for the last five weeks. We're hoping he gets better soon because its no fun to be sick. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

I love Dock's little face. Isn't he cute. Our super talented friend Erin made this cute hat for Ford and now we get to use it again. I'm so glad we're getting to pull everything out for the second time. It's funny how some little outfits have such strong memories attached to them. It's fun to remember how little my baby Ford was and it makes me realize just how fast it goes by.
He's not my baby anymore, now he's a little boy. His dad cut his hair and now that he's loosing some of that baby fat he has started to look so grown up. He is talking up a storm. His vocabulary seems to have grown exponentially lately. Some of the things he says only I can understand but other things are clear as can be. He hasn't started to put phrases or even two words together just yet, but he can get his point across. He can count to three and we are working on four and five. His favorite things are balls, Elmo, chocolate and his baby (Dock).
Here are the boys playing in Ford's room. Ford still can't get enough of his little brother. There is always a lot of hugging and wrestling going on at our house. Dock is big enough now that he just smiles when gets bombarded by Ford.
Ford loves books. This is a book about Mr and Mrs Bird that his great grandma gave him. I remember reading it at her house when I was a little girl. (she gave him that hat with the dots too). I'm pretty sure he knows his favorite books by heart. When we read about something being upside down he turns the book upside down and if there is a part about noses he turns straight to that page and points to his nose. We just joined the Dr. Seuss Book Club and Ford got his first package in the mail last week. He was so excited to open up his new books, his face lit right up. Wade was also in the Dr. Seuss book club as a kid and he tells me some of his favorite memories are getting the new books in the mail and going through them page by page with his mom. Wade and I prefer reading Dr. Seuss books to a lot of other stuff that's out there, it really is well written (By the way, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss)
We caught a ride to California with my Aunt and Uncle on their way through then rode the train back. I know I've said this before but it really is the best way to go. It takes a lot longer, well not much longer when you consider all the stops you usually have to make with little kids, but it is so nice to be able to move around and hold my babies.
Dock just hanging out on the train. He is such a good little baby, super smiley and happy all of the time. We are working on tummy time because that is something I didn't do very well with Ford. Today he did is first roll from tummy to back. He won't take a bottle but is starting to figure out a pacifier and loves to have his fingers in his mouth. He is a big boy at 16+ pounds putting him in the 87th percentile for his age. Before we know it he is going to catch up then pass up his big brother. I love his curly hair and his big gummy smiles.
I love this cute little Ford face. He spends a couple of hours out of every day standing at this coffee table watching his Elmo movie on the laptop. He is a huge Elmo fan. When he wants to watch it he just points to the computer and says "Elmo" or "show"
This is how Dock spends most of his day. He likes to sit in this bouncy chair and just watch what's going on. I think he feels safe in the chair because it's a little harder for Ford to climb all over him when he's in it.

And here are my two boys together in their matching shirts. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to be one of those moms that dresser her kids the same all of the time. Wade would hate it. Maybe I'll only do it when I want to make him mad.