Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Fun

Here is some of what we've been up to this summer when we get a chance to hang around at home....The boys love playing in the water. Yes, I make them wear T-shirts and lots of sunscreen. Dock even has socks on in the picture.
We've been remodeling the basement- that is a separate post- but I got new appliances and a new sink when the old ones went into the kitchen we put in down stairs.
I love this new sink and since I spend a lot of time washing dishes or babies, I'm frequently reminded how nice it is. Black composite granite with two deep bowls, installed by my very handy hubby. I love washing both babies in it at the same time and they love it too. Look at those happy faces.
We saw an add in the paper that mentioned they would be launching hot air balloons so we just went to watch. When we got there they let us take the boys up for a ride for a small donation of $20 - what a deal.
Ford went up with Wade and Dock went up with my mom and Me. I'm terrified of heights so I was a little freaked out but Dock loved it.

We've been having a fun summer. Most of it's been spent here or there but not at home. We are glad to be back for a couple of weeks but the next few months each have a trip planned so it won't be long until we are off again.

My boys are so cute! Dock is sitting up well and loves tummy time but not crawling yet. He thinks food is fantastic and takes a bite of anything put in front of him including toys, people, paper, anything! We love his cute chubbiness. He is super happy and smiley except for right when he wakes up, it takes him a little while to warm up. He is a good napper and is sleeping through the night. He likes other people and is usually pretty willing to let anyone hold him.

Ford is a good boy. He is getting so big and so smart. Can I brag about my smart baby for a bit? I'm going to because this is my blog and that's what it's for. Ford isn't quite two yet and he can count to 20 and say his alphabet as well as recognize the individual letters. He can spell his own name and Dock's name. He knows the names of shapes but isn't quite interested in colors. He is great at remembering people's names when he meets them which is more that I can do. He talks a lot and speaks pretty clearly for a little guy. He is starting to say some cute things. He calls all balls meat balls. I love when he asks for "song bout rain-bows" or "five widdle ducks" (he can hold up one, two, four, and five fingers, but not three, that's a hard one. He asks his Dad "what's goin' on dad?" and asks me "You feel better mom?" He still loves to read books and will finish most of the sentences of his favorite ones. He also loves Sesame Street and singing songs. He has recently started to look at himself in the mirror while he sings, which I love because he carries a tune about as well as I do and I used to look at myself in the mirror while I would cry when I was little. Just in the last couple of weeks he has finally let go of the wall and taken those first few free steps. It has taken a long time and he still has a lot of practice ahead of him but he is getting more brave everyday. He loves to be held and a get soft tickle, he says "that tickles - feels good." He is at such a fun age. I love my boys. Thanks for letting me gush a bit.

Elko Rodeo

Don't let anyone tell you there's nothing to do in Elko. It may feel true during the winter but even then there is the Cowboy Poetry Festival. During the summer there is the Basque festival, the Fair, Arts and Craft shows at the park, the beautiful Ruby Mountains and the Rodeo. My mom came all the way from California and my grandparents came from Idaho to see this big event. It may have had something to do with these two tough cowboys pictured below. My cousins Ace and Cole were part of the bronc riding portion of events and it was very fun to watch. Ford was excited to meet real cowboys. He can now identify all cowboys by big hats, even when Wade wears his big floppy gardening hat Ford calls him a cowboy.

Ace and Dock Cole, Ford, and Elmo of course
Ford and Ace
Dock and Cole

Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's Back Up

I have a little catch up to do. In the beginning of June my sweet Aunt Audry died and we were able to go up to Idaho for her funeral and to spend time with family. I'm so glad I was able to go even though it was a sad reminder of how quickly time is going by. Growing up I spent every summer in Blackfoot Idaho and it is still one of my very favorite places to be. Grandma and Grandpa are still there in that same house where I would spend those fabulous summers. Now my kids get to wander around the farm exploring, discovering and making friends with the curious cows. Ford checking out the rocks as Wade helped my grandma with her yard. My grandparents both think Wade is pretty wonderful (which he is). He is unpretentious and easy to talk to, he works hard, is always willing to help out, and knows a little about growing stuff - all things that are important to my grandparents. I think grandma and grandpa have been pretty pleased with all the spouses of their grandchildren so far, not to mention the grandbabies.
Speaking of grandbabies, here is curly Dock. I had to post some documentation of these curls because they are no more. Dock recently got a haircut and curls were clipped away.
My boys don't need much more than a couple of potato boxes to keep them entertained. They even come in Dock size - Dox Box...
My grandma is great at throwing together a dinner for a big crowd and since everyone was in town she threw an impromptu dinner. It's always fun to see my cousins and the weather was perfect for a little outside play.The traditional weenie roast. We can't go to grandmas without having one.
Ford enjoyed digging in the garden and getting dirty.
Ford and his cousin Zaida.
We put up lots of tents and this teepee for the party. This is the same teepee I played in when I was little.
I love this cute little guy and his funny faces.

That's all for now. I have a few more weeks to catch up on so there is more coming soon

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is This Heaven?

We just returned from a long weekend in Oak City. It feels good to be there. Time slows down and we can just relax and enjoy ourselves and our family. The boys love it. Grandma and Grandpa Fin spoil them and they get to play with all their cool cousins. It's paradise for little boys, they have sheep, pigs, cows, birds, a horse, puppies and a school bus right outside and when they come in Grandma gives them chocolate milk and reads them books and lets them do whatever they want. Here are some of my favorite pictures from this weekend...

Wade, Lafe, and Ford had a good wrestle in Grandma's living room. Wade would pin Lafe then Ford would count to ten. Lafe always managed to get away before time was up. Dock in his fire hat with Grandpa just watching as the other kids play, taking it all in. Pat and Mel's dog had puppies so they brought them over for the kids to cuddle. Ford thought they were great, he helped them wag their little tails, but he didn't like being licked in the face.

Here are the cousins with the puppies. 10 out of 14 made it in this picture. We tried to take a family shot after this but it was a mess. From left to rightish - Lexa, Rylee, Myia, Kaetly, Millie, Sage, Raynee, Kaige, Lafe, Ford, and Wade. You can see that cool school bus in the background, Ford was very into it, we sang a lot of wheels on the bus this weekend and Grandma even let him get on and look around.
And here are my boys just relaxing in the grass. The weather was perfect and it was nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

Monday, May 3, 2010

CA to CO

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to California. I wish I would have pulled the camera out more while we were there. We had a great visit. Here are the boys (Dodge, Cash, Ford and Dock) getting geared up to head into the Zoo.

The weather was perfect for us. Ford especially liked the giraffes.

He also thought this spider thing was pretty cool. He would climb up and slide down again and again.

After our California trip we headed straight on to Colorado where we stayed with our friends Teri, Ryan, and Isabel. Here is a picture of the kids (p)laying around. Ford and Isabel both wanted to lay by Dock. Isabel liked Dock a lot. She wanted to hold him every day and when we went on long car rides she would hold his hand if he was crying to make him feel better. Dock liked the attention. Isabel and Ford also played pretty well together, they had fun wrestling and giggling.

Teri taught Ford about funny faces.

As soon as I feel like we're catching up after a vacation we head off again. This last weekend was spent in Salt Lake. Ford had a doctors appointment but while we were there we also got to see my grandma and we stayed in a hotel so the boys got to go for their first swim of the year. They both loved it. This weekend we are off to Oak City so the boys can see their Grandma and Grandpa Fin and all their cousins. After we get back maybe we'll finally get some time to work on our house and our garden.

This is our latest attempt at a Family picture. Not great, but it was the best of the bunch. Dock wasn't very happy but he's cute even when he's mad so it's okay. His bottom two teeth have broken through, we just started him on solid foods both of which are helping him sleep through the night more often. He is also sitting up and rolling over really well. He's right on track with his gross and fine motor skills and will be catching up to his brother in no time. He is such a smiley and happy baby. He is great at going down for naps all by himself without fussing. He is also a screamer. If I'm doing dishes or some other noisy task and he doesn't feel like he's getting enough attention he will start screaming really loud. It usually works, both Ford and I look at him and Ford says "TOP CREAMS" which means stop screaming. But the screaming doesn't stop until I get down and play.

Ford is still counting really well and now he knows his ABC's. He read is first sight word today "BOOM". I couldn't believe it! He has a lot of his books memorized and he knows BOOM from Mr Brown Can Moo, but when he read it in one of his new books today I was shocked so I wrote it on a piece of paper and showed it to him a few minutes later and sure enough he could read it. My little guy may be behind with his gross motor skills but he is a smarty! He also melted my heart when he said I love you for the first time tonight. Besides his books Ford also loves his stuffed animals, balls and sesame street. He is also recently into somersaults.

Both Ford and Dock are at such fun stages. I really like my two little boys.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paintin' and Peddlin'

My little artist likes to express himself on his canvas as well as with a little face painting.
The spring weather comes and goes but for a little while the snow cleared and Wade gave rickshaw rides to kids and lovebirds alike.

I've been on a roll with my post this week but now we are headed to California and then on to Colorado so there probalby won't be much news from us until we get back in a few weeks. I am so looking forward to this vacation.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I don't have time or money to do a lot of crafty things these days, but when I get a chance, I do love a good project. These foofy yarn balls were a big hit this Easter. My Grandma taught my cousins and me how to make these one summer when I was a kid. We had a blast making them and then throwing them around (and at each other). Now it's time for the next generation to enjoy these crazy balls. Ford's not quite ready to make them yet but he sure does like to throw them around. He tosses them up and over his head then says "catch." Isn't it funny how it is the simplest toys that are the best. Balls just never get old, especially for boys.
This one came straight for my head. A lot of them hit Dock, but they're better than a lot of things that come flying in his direction, so he doesn't seem to mind too much.
Here's the how-to just in case you want to make your own. This is a cheap, easy and fun project!
Supplies needed...
1. Scissors
2. Yarn
3. Cardboard
4. and some circles to trace
Trace two circles onto a piece of cardboard (I used a lid from a small oatmeal container which is about 4 inches wide. I don't think I would go too much bigger but smaller would work.) Your circle size will determine your ball size. Then cut them out.
Make an inner circle. This one is about and 1.5 inches wide. I just eyeballed the center, nothing needs to be exact in this project.
Cut out the inner circle. Go ahead and cut right through the outer circle, you need a break in the ring to wrap the yarn anyway. Put your two circles together and line up the slits.
Start wrapping the yarn around your cardboard ring going back and forth again and again leaving a small gap at the slit.
You can switch colors as often as you like. Using two colors of yarn at once speeds up the process and gives it a speckled look and layers of yarn will turn into stripes.
Keep wrapping until you've got about as much as you can fit
Slide the scissors in between the two pieces of cardboard and cut the yarn.
It will be packed tight enough that the yarn holds its self in the cardboard ring.
Take a piece of yarn and slide it in between the cardboard around the middle of the ball, pull it tight and knot it off to to hold all the yarn in place.
You can then pull the cardboard off and use it again and again to make more balls. One pack of yarn will make about 5 balls and lots of fun. I tried regular yarn and this fatter stuff. Both will work but I liked the fatter stuff better because it was softer and making the balls went a little faster. Have fun.