Saturday, November 28, 2009

This Month in Review

This last month has been crazy. My Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Janice came right after Dock was born. They got right to work on my house. We had just closed on the house a few days before Dock was born, so there hadn't been time to do much. My Grandma cleaned my blinds while my Mom and Janice painted my living room, dining room, and the boy's room. It was a little hectic for those first few days, but it feels so nice to have it done. My bathrooms and floors also got a good scrub and I didn't have to lift a finger. It was wonderful!
This is our cute little Dock, doing what Docks do best - sleep. He still spends most of the day snoozing away.

This was the day we brought our new little guy home. Ford was so excited. I thought the excitement would quickly wear off, but it has not. Ford loves his little brother. It is fun to watch as he tries to give Dock hugs and kisses. He is still a little to rough to be let loose on his brother but we are working on being gentle.

This is my sweet boy before we left the hospital. Labor and delivery went really well. My contractions started early in the morning but I thought it was probably false labor. In the late morning my water broke but it was more of a small leak so I still didn't think it was really time. We spent the morning getting the house together, packing a hospital bag (just in case), and we ran over to Home Depot to pick up our new cupboards and paint (I'd much rather be shopping during labor than sitting at home waiting for the next contraction). We picked up lunch and brought it home to eat. Wade had planned on going to a church activity for a little bit and I thought we had plenty of time and told him to go but he said "Misty you've had four contractions in the last 20 minutes, I'm not going". At that point I decided to check in with my OB. They told me to head to the hospital right away. I asked for one more hour so Ford could take a nap, but they said NO! It was a good thing we got to the hospital when we did. By the time we were all checked in and I was in a bed it was already 3 o'clock and I was ready for them to give me my epidural. Things went quickly after that, Dock was born at 5:05. I had been a little worried about having a baby in a small town hospital, but I had a great experience! The nursing staff was fabulous, they took great care of me and baby Dock.

Now that Dock's around we make Ford do all the work. It's a hard knock life!

Dock has been such a good baby. When he cries it's loud. Wade says he sounds like a peacock. Luckily he doesn't cry much. He's pretty content to just eat, sleep, poop, and hang out.

I love this little kid and his crazy hair

Our little Dock with his hair all combed.

Ford got a new rug for his room. He thinks it's way better than bonking his head on the hard wood floors so when it's just me and the boys we spend most of the day just hanging out in his room.

Me and my boys. Ford still isn't walking so there is two of them to lug around. We tried going on an outing just once, we wont do that again. We may wait till spring to leave the house.

Ford thinks Dock is cool

Ford is trying to get past my mom so he can attack Dock with kisses (which are a lot like head butts). You can see that Dock is a little alarmed.

Sleepy boy

Dog pile!

A rare moment when Dock is up and looking around. He prefers sleeping but for an hour or two in the morning and at night just before we all go to bed he is wide awake and alert.

We were excited to have my Dad and his wife, Madelyn, come to visit us. My dad doesn't leave his beloved home state of California very often, so it is always a special treat when he comes. They came with gifts and a lasagna and while they were here they got our basement all cleared out and organized - ready for some remodeling. My Dad was our lender and we wouldn't be in this house if it weren't for all of his hard work (and it did get hard). Thanks dad! ~If anyone out there needs a home loan let me know, I'll give you his number.

Ford likes to help with the dishes. He thinks sharp knives are especially interesting so we don't was those in the dishwasher anymore.

This picture demonstrates two of Ford's favorite things. His monkey and socks on his hands. He is always pulling his socks off his feet so when he does we put them on his hands as "punishment". He leaves them there for a really long time as he claps or crawls around. They just feel better when there on your hands I guess.

Puppy Ford helping in the kitchen. He crawls from the dining room to the living room and back again and again as I'm cleaning or cooking in the kitchen.

Dock's belly button finally fell off and he got his first bath.

When I told my mom I wasn't going anywhere with a new baby for Thanksgiving she said she would come to me, so my sister Sandy, her hubby Pete, and my Mom came to our house for Thanksgiving. We had a fun week. We mostly just played with my babies -my boys love having people around. Thanksgiving dinner turned out so good. It was beautiful, I wish I had a picture but the camera ran out of batteries just when I needed it. Wade's parents introduced us to smoked turkey last year and it is so tasty so that's what we had again this year and it turned out so pretty and yummy. Pete said it tasted more like a ham. It really did have a lot of flavor. We also did the rest of the Thanksgiving basics. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to make Thanksgiving dinner. It all came together really smoothly and we had a great time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Busy Time of Year

You may have thought that with everything that was going on we would have forgotten all about Halloween, but how could we. While we were at the hospital on the 30th (occupied with other things) Ford got to attend the ward trunk or treat with his friends. I hear he loved it.

We made it home with our new little Dock just in time on the 31st for Ford and Wade to throw on their costumes and head out to gather the spoils of Halloween. Ford went as his favorite stuffed animal, Curious George, and Wade got to be the man in the yellow hat - He's a good sport.
They only went to one house and got caught up visiting for a long time then finally came home. Ford didn't seem to mind. Dock will have to wait until he's a little bigger to join in to the festivities.

Day Two

We are so glad to have this new little man home. It has been a great two days. I feel fabulous, Wade is a great dad, Ford has taken to Dock right away, and so far Dock is a very mild baby, just happy to hang out.
Here are some of our recent pictures for your viewing pleasure...
This little guy was born fast but as soon as she got word my mom hopped in her car and headed out to see us. She was our first visitor, popping in to visit at 1:00 a.m. (as soon as she got to Elko)
I thought moms were supposed to be the comfy ones because they were so nicely padded but but my boys prefer their dad.

All dressed up and ready to go home

Look at that cute face!

Getting to know his momma

Ford and Dock finally get to meet. As you can tell from the video in the last post, Ford is pretty excited about having a little brother. We have to hold him back a bit because his squeezes are just a little more than Dock can handle and when he cries, Ford gets really worried about him.
We love these boys!!!