Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy 2009 everyone. I was a little behind so I just added several posts. Sorry for throwing it at you all at once.I just had to add this pic because I thought it was funny. Ford peed right onto Wade’s pants in the middle of a change.

New Year's Eve

For this New Year’s Eve we brought back some of our favorite things from the past – our friends. The Rissers and the Granges are some of our favorite people on earth and somehow we talked them into making the trek out to Elko Nevada from New York and Colorado to spend the New Year with us. One nice thing about Elko is that when people come to visit, you know they are there to see you. There were 6 adults and 3 babies in our little two bedroom apartment, but we made it work. Ford got to hang out with his friends Van and Isabel although the three of them rarely seemed to be awake at the same time.

On New Years Eve we had fondue and stayed up way too late.
Here are the Granges in their party hats.
We talked and laughed and had a great time. We miss them a lot already


My mom tries to get me to leave the baby alone with her at every possible chance (it still makes me a little nervous to leave him with anyone, even my mom), so she bought Wade tickets to San Francisco’s Academy of Science Museum for Christmas and sent us on a date. The place was packed and we didn’t make it to all the cool stuff but we did make it to the top of the building to see the fabulous roof garden.

After our walk through the museum we met my sister Sandy and her hubby Pete for lunch at the Beach Chalet where we had a great table overlooking the ocean. We then hurried home where I found my baby peacefully sleeping and undamaged by my mom. Thanks mom!

Family Time

Ford got to spend a little quality time with his Great Grandma Maxine. She liked him a lot and wanted to hold him, that made me a little nervous but they did okay. She kept forgetting that Ford was a boy and would constantly ask “what’s her name?” When I would answer she would giggle and say “oh, I was going to call him chevy.” We eventually developed a little name tag for him although it didn’t help much.

I don’t get to see my Grandma very much so it was great to be able to spend the whole evening with her even if I did have to answer the same questions over and over.

We stayed at my mom’s house and ended up spending most of our time there. We did go to my Aunt Peg’s for my Uncle Ed’s birthday party, all sorts of relatives were there and it was so fun to see everyone!

We popped in and out of my Dads house throughout the week, although not as much as he or I would have liked. Here is a picture of the boys playing Sorry.

Roll Over

While we were in California Ford went for his first roll over. He and I were both very surprised.

Clackity Clack

Ford and I set off for California on December 18th via Amtrak. I was a little nervous traveling without Wade but glad not to be stuck in a car with my little man. The train worked out great for us. We upgraded to a sleeper car and although it took a lot longer than a car ride, we were free to stretch out and relax for the duration of the trip – as far as Ford was concerned it was much better than being in a car seat. Wade came out a few days later and we all rode the train back together. It was much more fun with the three of us.