Saturday, November 22, 2008


We have settled here in the Paris of the Great Basin. FordTomFin is thrilled, but sometimes when we view the famous landmarks, his emotions surface. You can't blame the little man, the confluence of the tower's majesty and his being fed up with his fathers' unwillingness to pay admission to the observation area of the structural icon below, justify the pouty face.

However, this fine Nevada town has facilitated more smiles since our arrival two weeks ago than any location he's known in his three months. He still grunts with fondness of his memories of his upbringing in the Mile High City and brief stops in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and California- but now that he hangs his Huggies in the Silver State, he wears a grin as he seeks to flourish in the desert.

I foresee that he will take note of Artemisia tridentata, the Nevada State flower whose friends call it "Common Sagebrush." The species wastes no time fretting over clay soils, little annual precipitation, or proximity to a big city mall. This shrub shrugs the claims of its vegetal peers across the continent who from their fertile vales call this peculiar space between the Rockies and Sierras a barren one, for the Sagebrush rules the region and its hardiness suggests a higher level of relative prominence.

And now for your blogstalking pleasure, compare the stunning picture of dazzling entertainer Liza Minelli with Ford's Halloween pix from yesterpost.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jail Bird

Yes, we are still hanging in there. We have spent the last few weeks visiting family in Utah, Idaho, and California. Our little Ford has been a trooper as we drag him across the west. We’ve been on the move since the beginning of October, but we are finally getting ready to settle down. Wade accepted a job in Elko, Nevada with the city’s Parks Department. We had initially hoped to be in California but the job in Elko offered him design opportunities that as a new graduate he wouldn’t have any place else. We are excited for this new adventure.

Poor Ford, he didn’t get any candy this year, I don’t think we’ll give him any until he has teeth to rot out, but we did kick off his first Halloween with a fun costume. My little man was a jail bird. He’ll probably be very embarrassed by this picture in years to come, but at two and a half months he thought the feathers were fascinating!