Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Little Guy

Well the Finlinson’s are doing great. We love having our little guy home. There has been a lot to learn but he has been a great little guy, and very patient with us as we figure things out.

Our first visitors have been Wade’s parents, Jack and Valene; my grandparents; my little sister, Sandy; and tomorrow my mom will get here. Ford loves all the attention he’s been getting.

Look at all those Fin's

Grandpa took us out to breakfast

Ford got his middle name from my Grandpa Tom and for all the other Tom's we love

Ford and Aunt Sandy

Our handsome little man has been here two weeks now. At times it has been a rough couple of weeks. He was born with facial palsy that has been a worry to his momma. I’m told it should go away within the month and it’s already quite a bit better, but that doesn’t mean I worry any less about it. He also has a gruff little cry that sounds like a little growl when he gets mad. When I asked the doctor about it he looked down his throat and told me he didn’t have a uvula (you know, that thing that hangs in the back of your mouth). That was a possible sign of cleft pallet so we went to an ENT specialist. It turns out that our lucky little guy does have a uvula, he just pulls it back when he cries really hard. The ENT doc was fabulous and so gentle with our baby boy. While there he did have his first taste of cosmetic surgery. His tiny ears were folded a little funny when he was born so she fixed him right up with a little tape and wax so he will have great ears in just a couple of weeks. He may look a little dorky now but I think he’ll appreciate it when he turns sixteen. These last couple of weeks I’ve been very grateful for our healthcare coverage and for access to fantastic doctors.

Fords ears before

Fords ears all taped up

Other than those very little things to worry about, we have a very good boy. He spends most of his time sleeping and wakes up like clockwork every three hours for a little snack and a diaper change. Wade has been so great about getting up with me all through the night to change diapers and feed our little guy. We love all this time we get to spend together.

Friday, August 15, 2008

More pictures

Hello Everyone! Wade is snuggling with our little guy so I thought I would take a second to write a note. First of all let me clear up some misconceptions that may have been caused by Wade’s previous posts. I think this whole thing may have been a little traumatic for him as he stood by and watched wanting to help but neither of us could do much as things started to fall into place. Labor and birth actually went exceptionally well. It wasn’t what I had anticipated but it was mostly pain free (until pitocin took over but we got things back under control fairly quickly with the epidural) and full of energizing anticipation. When Ford finally decided to come, he came fast. No pictures of those first moments because I was just bawling at the sight of my baby. I love him so much already.

Here are some of the other pictures we have taken since the last update...

Ford and daddy relaxin'

Nap time

The lactaion nurse came to give us some great tips. Our little man is eating like a champ. I love this picture because it shows all that hair he has and his cute little butt crack.

Time to go

What an awesome dad!

Home sweet home

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Blonde Baby

Ford Thomas Fin

Okay, so I believe in God again. This is our boy Ford. 7 pounds and 20 inches. My Misty is doing well.

8.14 6:45 am

Let's review. Magic pill 'A'-uneventful. Second attempt of Magic Pill A- nothing. Enter Magic Intravenous Oxytocinous Goo- turbulence, sideways babies, sore back. Then came a successful third attempt at Magic Spinal Embroyderic Treatment that left numb legs and a very friendly patient. Around 2:30 am, the midwife checked the nether region to determine metric diameters and Ford got a little upset with the intervention and his heart rate got quite low. Magic Intravenous Oxytocinous Goo went on hiatus and Magic Labor Damning Shot acted as uterine bridge troll who will not allow passage as a result of any answer.
Baby eventually returned to a suitable heart rate and position, and the Goo resumed it's attack on my dear wife. She got some good sleep despite the evening of torture. It feels like this little man will never come. My arm is getting tired from shaking my fist heavenward for letting my precious lady face this.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm getting a vasectomy

I'll never do this to my Misty ever again. Got an epidural in a bizarre procedure that took forever to pull off. It mitigated her back pain, shivers, and a bunch of other stuff that was painful to watch. She's sleeping now, baby will probably come during breakfast or lunch- just to anger me further. What a gal!

8.13 11:06 pm for those keeping score at home

Having proper contractions, Misty and Pitocin hate each other. There's got to be a better way. I'm more partial to the stork theorem now than ever before. I think we'll be here forever.

Update 4:30 pm 8.13

If young Ford is to share birthdays with Annie Oakley, Dan Fogelberg, Fidel Castro, and Don Ho, he will need to be a bit more aggressive in the next 7.5 hrs. After our dear Mistified (pictured above) emitted some sort of substance known to environ fetal chaps at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, she and I have had a rather splendid, relaxing stay here at the infirmary on Colorado's main street.
We were counseled to check in to this upscale establishment on Colfax at 9:30pm so we supped together at Little Ollie's and gathered applicable knick-knacks, sundries, odds 'n' ends, and bric-a-brac that would supplement our little getaway and commenced our impromptu spa trip.
Since then, no contractions worth getting uptight about, just a fair piece of down time. A few uneventful placements of Cytotec in the undercarriage have yet to induce child's arrival, but dear Misty is not feeling any pain- feeling boredom, no pain.
Perhaps in the coming hours, plans for the water birth may be abandoned if we reach for the pitocin, but nobody except our own mothers are in a rush.
Nice to have you with us, cyberchums, stay tuned.