Saturday, December 15, 2007

Misty's first term as President

A heartfelt advert:
This is my anti-perspirant/deodorant of choice, I love it. Granted, it has not made me the man that I am but it marvelously supplements the gent I hope to be. This particular specimen of pitstick has a scent of "power," and it actually smells like power. It goes on clear and is advertised to last 24 hours but I've tested it with 96 hours in some of the hygienically vacant times of my life and it maintained its integrity with no sign of weakness.
The beauty part of this product is that it is body heat activated, so unlike Old Spice High Endurance and anything made by Sure, you're not deodorizing when you're cool as a an unpickled pickle and therefore unnecessarily burning up tomorrow's application. It will never stain your undershirt and the wetness protection is beyond compare so you outershirt shall always be free from embarrassing damp marks.
If you are a chap who likes taking risks, this product is for you. No matter the fragrance, Power, Extreme Blast, Sport, or Silver Ice, you will be up for any challenge. Don't just take it from me, according to the information superhighway, "Degree not only protects men who take risks - but it takes risk to a whole new level."

1461 days as guy and wife:
On Thursday last, my doll Misty Brook and I celebrated the conclusion of our fourth year of lawful wed. Although as it usually falls midweek during some sort of scholastic conclusionary assessment period, we have fit in ice skating and dinner for approximately 75 percent of such celebrations. As the pic below suggests, we made it out to Belmar to not only commence our fifth year together but to reminisce about the time when I, during a particularly bitter Mans Liberation phase of my bachelorhood, accompanied the then Misty Viera on our first date that included a symphony, ingestion of delicious food, and ice skating. I always liked to take a gal skating before things got too serious as it gave me opportunity to hand hold and evaluate whether the friendly gal had bigger hands than me. Misty didn't and the rest was history- really weird, illogical, vicious history-at least concerning the premarital history.

We then sought Drinkin' Chocolate, or rather I found such a wee cupa', and my Mistified acquired a trendy new hot beverage that is beloved by all her cool California peers called a "Steamer." A "Steamer" is "warm milk" with "crap mixed in." In this case she requested caramel in lieu of crap and therefore had a "Caramel Steamer." As you can tell from the image from the coffee shop, she is quite satisfied with her hot caramel and milk.

That's my girl on the left preparing to sup with me(fellow in blue) at Cafe Brazil. As the website of the establishment foretold, it offered us "an adventure in South American cuisine- highlighting many specialties and creations from both, land and sea." We started with a massive chunk of grilled manchego cheese which we freely spread over delightful bread. I graciously offered my lady some soup, and she obliged- black bean soup, yogurt soup for me. I had a large steak flavored with portabellos and some rather colorful things while my dear schnookems had shrimp or chicken or something not very boviney. She was happy as was I, and we were painfully full.All in all a fine anniversary that again fell at an inconvenient time, but we made it work. I was running on two hours of sleep, so I acted somewhat intoxicated which was beneficial since I'm not as fun to be with when I'm well rested- a trait I got from my dear ma. If you can ever keep that great lassie up past 10:30, you're in for a treat.

Crackers and Eggs:

So Old Chum J. Buzzard Lossee stopped in the Mile High City on business and we put him up for the night in addition to experiencing a fair piece of camaraderie. As with all guests we seek full satisfaction, so I arose this morning and tried making pancakes from memory (fresh out of Krusteaz). Forgot something, added to much of something, I dunno. Ended up looking like crackers. Please come back, Buzz-

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Milk Chocolate

What do you think, do I make a good brunette?

Sandy and I look like we might actually be sisters!
Happy Birthday Sandy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The run down

It's been a long time since the Finlinson's have posted. Our blog has been neglected over the busy holiday season. Here are some quick highlights.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. We carpooled up to Idaho with our friends the Merrell’s. We made it safe and sound to Grandma Harriet and Grandpa Tom's house early Wednesday morning. Wade got his quota of football for the year and I got to learn how to make grandmas rolls. My cousin Zena provided the Thanksgiving service project. We made dresses to donate to humanitarian services. We also celebrated Christmas and New Year’s while we were there since the whole family won’t get together again for another long while.

FYI - I'm brunette now. Last week I went in and had my hair turned a milk chocolatey brown. I like it and it feels good, although I still don't recognize myself when I walk by a mirror.

Sandy stopped in briefly on her way out East. She had an interview for the PA program here at the University of Colorado Denver (where I work). I picked her up from the airport late on Thursday, we had a nice visit on the way home, went to bed, Friday morning I took her to her interview and that was it. I didn't get to see here again because I had a work party to be at and she had to fly right out to her next interviews in DC and North Carolina (Duke). The word on the street is that she is leaning toward a school in Oregon or Duke. I hope she picks the closer one.

My dad called last night. He's getting married today! Whoa. That was a big surprise. We are very excited and we whish him and Madelyn a happy lifetime together!

Pictures to come