Thursday, May 31, 2007

The lady next to me is smoking, this won't be long

Had a nice visit to the forbidden city and Heaven Temple today. It rained like crazy and I got soaked. I stole this picture from the information superhighway, thanks Jan. I didn't want to get my camera wet, and besides, this shot has way fewer tourists than the way it appeared this morning.
We were unable to spend any time at Tiananmen, as there was some type of Olympic something something going on, but it wasn't hard to imagine the gory scene of 18 years ago from the opposite side of the street. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from the place, so I anticipate going there in the next day or two.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Mex

I just got back from New Mexico! I’ve been trying to keep busy on the weekends while Wade is in China. Aunt Peg and Amy took good care of me. We went to Madrid, NM where “Wild Hogs” was filmed. It is a cute, hippy town, about two blocks long with lots of artsy shops. I had a hippy lunch of hummus, feta, and pita bread. It was in this town which I found the perfect surprise for Wade’s return, no unfortunately not turquoise. We then trekked to Santa Fe where we did a little more shopping and had a lot of fun.

While I was there we celebrated Cash and Paige’s birthdays. They had a great time shoving their faces into their cakes. Cash is such a cute baby with his big beautiful green-blue eyes. Judging from Wade’s last blog it looks like I won’t have to wait too much longer for a cute little guy of my own.

It was a weekend filled with food, fun, and lot of laughter.

Monday, May 28, 2007

First souvenier acquired

This is him, Cloud Angus Finlinson, just finished the paperwork and he's coming backe with me. Misty's not the only one who gets to hang out with cute babies, I was so envious of the NM trip, I purchased one myself.
Had a nice jaunt from Shanghai up to another village of 7 million, Hangzhou. We went up to a Buddhist temple on a mountain and hiked around a bit. There was a big lake at the bottom where we rented the coolest bikes ever and efficiently saw spectacular scenery.
Tonight we ride the rails all night to Beijing, I only hope the street meat, "smeat," will not be a source of gastro turbulence in the lengthy periond of confinement.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The physiology of the Red-tailed Hawk

Woke up this morning in Suzhou and upon checkout was accused of stealing a towel. I paid the equivalent of $3.00 to avoid escalation of an international conflict and agreed that my new chinese name would be Mao Chin je, or Towel thief. Apperantly the translation of the words is absolutely hilarious to a native speaker, so now I'm somehow equipped with the easiest joke in history simply by introducing myself.
Following my near arrest, we traveled to the site of this picture, Tong li, a malarial version of Venice, very beautiful. I was on such a comedic high from the morning's linen pillage, that I decided to pull this funny face for the photograph.
We then came back to Shanghai where we will be for a few days before heading north.
Prior to my Tong Li departure, I sampled a rather popular frozen desert, something I call peasicle, a creamsicle that is flavored with green peas and even has pea pulp frozen in with the deliciousness. Personally, I didnt' get it, and would argue that it's a disgrace to peas and creamsicles, but 1/5 of the Worlds population would have something to say about it, so the matter will rest after this posting.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I fixed the picture for Wade. He's cute!

Just went out for Chinese

I don't have a clue how to rotate a picture on a computer with commands in Chinese characters. You'll have to adapt. As you can see, my resemblance to Good Chairman Mao has in fact brought me good fortune and long life. This is at a place called Tiger Hill, which is a large park with a tall pagoda atop it. You can see the other red carraige behind me in the distance, that is the royal vessel of a chubby classmate whose servants needed a breath before completing the hike.
Though my observations of this and a place called Lingering Garden, today I have learned for myself that the design requirements mandated by the American Disabilities Act are in defiance of Feng Shui principles. Lots of massive rock structures, high bridges without rails, and random holes in the pavement that fall to former tiger traps are congruent to the able flow of Qi through and around a site, all of which handicapped oppressors refuse to allow in the land of the free. As Stevie Henry, Patrick's brother said, Give me Qi flow or give me death!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogpost 5/??

This is called the Leading to the Bridge of Quietude, a place where the name is nearly as scenic as the space itself. After spending the day yesterday in Shanghai's Chinatown (the only place in town where I saw live chickens, and therefore the only authentic part of that city), and this morning we left early to spend three days here in Suzhou. Upon arrival to the small Chinese city of five million, we went to a few old gardens and a silk factory. Gardens- superb, silk factory- ahh. It was interesting to see the process of digestion/manufacturing, but I'm compelled to believe that a true factory in this part of the world does not have an elegant shopping mall adjacent to it to pawn the wares produced inside. Nor do I think all such factories have a buffet-style cafeteria inside that is filled with fat white people in shorts and tube socks. Naive ol' me, who knew?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I went to a NIA class with Susanna, Teri, and Sarah today. We had fun. We did lots of wild moves and shook our booties like crazy.

The landscape of criminal capitalism

We spent some time checking out some new architecture yesterday in a new part of town, nothing really feng shui or even designed with any sort of cultural implication, but rather cool buildings nonetheless. The street near our hotel is pretty much evolving to become a fabricated destination with the same shops as Santa Monica's third st. Promedade, SF's Pier 39, or SLC's Gateway. I don't want to go to The middle kingdom to get a Gucci bag, I don't even want a Gucci bag. The frames on my spectacles are Gucci, however.
I'm quite looking forward to heading to Suzhou tomorrow to see a place that could only exist in pre criminal communism/pre criminal capitalism China.

There's no Panda Express in this Town

After a few days of this fine town, I think I'm coming down with a little Shanghai lung. All sorts of particulates in the air, make's a guy wheeze. I saw a kid cough up something that looked like a brownie. While walking to church the other day, I created this snapshot of a fellow taking a nap in the back of his truck. Want to kiss my Misty right on the lips.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Farmers Market

We had a very busy day today. In the morning we planed two tomato plants in containers for the patio. Yum, cant wait until they are ready. Bought plants with green tomatoes on the vine so I wouldn't have to wait too long.

We had an Enrichment Activity at Margo's house. She helped us plant herbs. I went a little crazy and planted basil, oregano, dill, parsley, sage, lavender, and another that I can't remember the name of. Our patio is going to be filled with colorful pots and lots of tasty herbs.

Marmy and I went to the fabric store today and bought material for curtains and a quilt. I am excited to get it all put together. I should have a lot of projects to keep me busy, but I guess I'll just be watching the plants grow now. I can't get the sewing machine out of storage because only Wade knows the code so the quilt will also have to wait.

It has been an exhaustingly good day!

Wo hen xihuan Zhong Guo!

This friendly chap is assisting his buddy who is not visible as he is working the pedals in the movement of this relatively large bicylcle load. This spectacle was fitting punctuation for a splendid day of racing the sun from the rockies to this remarkable town. I beat the ball of burning gas, but only just. It finally made it over the perpetuitous eastern horizon shortly after my landing here in the middle kingdom. This morning I'm faced with the tasks of locating both a place to worship and a dining venue that serves some decent duck rectum soup.

Friday, May 18, 2007


It was a bitter-sweet day. This morning I had to say goodbye to my Wadey for 24 days while he trecks through China in his search for Fung Shui. Luckily my mom was here to console me. I snuck out of work early and we had a fabulous time together. We did some shopping, had lunch, and went to the Wicked musical. Loved it! It was wickedly delicious with a surprise ending - at least it surprised me. We topped the night off with a Gelazzi ice cream - the perfect end to an almost perfect day. I wish my baby were here to share it with me and I could really use a kiss good night.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I will not be bullied

Tap the link to see a lady count a few of the 600 nickels I gave her as payment for a parking ticket.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Resting on my laurels

It has been 65 glorious days since I triumphed over the naysayers who negatively shook their heads as they saw me stop beside a small break in the automobiles alongside the curb of Larimer Street. The canopy of lights above the street, the swarms of club-goers, shoppers and diners had no effect on my heartrate as I was as collected as Ghandi as I eased into the prime spot with the help of a chap named J.T., who made sure I capitalized on every available inch. The photo above doesn't lie, ten inches to spare behind the stern, eight inches 'tween the bow of my vessel and the black rig in front.

BBQ in the rain

Sheets of rain gushed down last night along with constant thunder and lighting, but the ominous weather did not deter us from having a great time. As a matter of fact the boys threw on trash bags and couldn't wait to get out in the rain. GK manned the video camera and Ryan tended the BBQ, I’m pretty sure Wade was just goofing off the whole time. We ate a ton of food and visited till way too late. The boys couldn't get enough of Google-Earth and finally had to be dragged home by their wives.