Saturday, December 15, 2007

Misty's first term as President

A heartfelt advert:
This is my anti-perspirant/deodorant of choice, I love it. Granted, it has not made me the man that I am but it marvelously supplements the gent I hope to be. This particular specimen of pitstick has a scent of "power," and it actually smells like power. It goes on clear and is advertised to last 24 hours but I've tested it with 96 hours in some of the hygienically vacant times of my life and it maintained its integrity with no sign of weakness.
The beauty part of this product is that it is body heat activated, so unlike Old Spice High Endurance and anything made by Sure, you're not deodorizing when you're cool as a an unpickled pickle and therefore unnecessarily burning up tomorrow's application. It will never stain your undershirt and the wetness protection is beyond compare so you outershirt shall always be free from embarrassing damp marks.
If you are a chap who likes taking risks, this product is for you. No matter the fragrance, Power, Extreme Blast, Sport, or Silver Ice, you will be up for any challenge. Don't just take it from me, according to the information superhighway, "Degree not only protects men who take risks - but it takes risk to a whole new level."

1461 days as guy and wife:
On Thursday last, my doll Misty Brook and I celebrated the conclusion of our fourth year of lawful wed. Although as it usually falls midweek during some sort of scholastic conclusionary assessment period, we have fit in ice skating and dinner for approximately 75 percent of such celebrations. As the pic below suggests, we made it out to Belmar to not only commence our fifth year together but to reminisce about the time when I, during a particularly bitter Mans Liberation phase of my bachelorhood, accompanied the then Misty Viera on our first date that included a symphony, ingestion of delicious food, and ice skating. I always liked to take a gal skating before things got too serious as it gave me opportunity to hand hold and evaluate whether the friendly gal had bigger hands than me. Misty didn't and the rest was history- really weird, illogical, vicious history-at least concerning the premarital history.

We then sought Drinkin' Chocolate, or rather I found such a wee cupa', and my Mistified acquired a trendy new hot beverage that is beloved by all her cool California peers called a "Steamer." A "Steamer" is "warm milk" with "crap mixed in." In this case she requested caramel in lieu of crap and therefore had a "Caramel Steamer." As you can tell from the image from the coffee shop, she is quite satisfied with her hot caramel and milk.

That's my girl on the left preparing to sup with me(fellow in blue) at Cafe Brazil. As the website of the establishment foretold, it offered us "an adventure in South American cuisine- highlighting many specialties and creations from both, land and sea." We started with a massive chunk of grilled manchego cheese which we freely spread over delightful bread. I graciously offered my lady some soup, and she obliged- black bean soup, yogurt soup for me. I had a large steak flavored with portabellos and some rather colorful things while my dear schnookems had shrimp or chicken or something not very boviney. She was happy as was I, and we were painfully full.All in all a fine anniversary that again fell at an inconvenient time, but we made it work. I was running on two hours of sleep, so I acted somewhat intoxicated which was beneficial since I'm not as fun to be with when I'm well rested- a trait I got from my dear ma. If you can ever keep that great lassie up past 10:30, you're in for a treat.

Crackers and Eggs:

So Old Chum J. Buzzard Lossee stopped in the Mile High City on business and we put him up for the night in addition to experiencing a fair piece of camaraderie. As with all guests we seek full satisfaction, so I arose this morning and tried making pancakes from memory (fresh out of Krusteaz). Forgot something, added to much of something, I dunno. Ended up looking like crackers. Please come back, Buzz-

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Milk Chocolate

What do you think, do I make a good brunette?

Sandy and I look like we might actually be sisters!
Happy Birthday Sandy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The run down

It's been a long time since the Finlinson's have posted. Our blog has been neglected over the busy holiday season. Here are some quick highlights.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. We carpooled up to Idaho with our friends the Merrell’s. We made it safe and sound to Grandma Harriet and Grandpa Tom's house early Wednesday morning. Wade got his quota of football for the year and I got to learn how to make grandmas rolls. My cousin Zena provided the Thanksgiving service project. We made dresses to donate to humanitarian services. We also celebrated Christmas and New Year’s while we were there since the whole family won’t get together again for another long while.

FYI - I'm brunette now. Last week I went in and had my hair turned a milk chocolatey brown. I like it and it feels good, although I still don't recognize myself when I walk by a mirror.

Sandy stopped in briefly on her way out East. She had an interview for the PA program here at the University of Colorado Denver (where I work). I picked her up from the airport late on Thursday, we had a nice visit on the way home, went to bed, Friday morning I took her to her interview and that was it. I didn't get to see here again because I had a work party to be at and she had to fly right out to her next interviews in DC and North Carolina (Duke). The word on the street is that she is leaning toward a school in Oregon or Duke. I hope she picks the closer one.

My dad called last night. He's getting married today! Whoa. That was a big surprise. We are very excited and we whish him and Madelyn a happy lifetime together!

Pictures to come

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lawn Ornaments

Wade had his heart set on being half man half deer for Halloweeen but I just wasn’t sure how I’d pull a costume like that off so instead he got to go as a much easier to make lawn gnome and I got to be a flamingo. I wish I could wear pink feathers and sparkles every day, but since I can't Halloween will have to do. Wade sure makes a handsome lawn gnome!

We don’t get many trick-or-treaters up in the attic so Halloween night would have been boring if not for Matt and Candice, or Satan and his beautiful fairy wife who threw a fabulous Halloween Party.

Lots of our favorite Denver friends were there looking fabulous in there creative and festive attire.

Ryan as the presenter of the Publisher’s Clearing House check and Teri as the unexpecting recipient.

And here are Jenny, Mark, and their little bun in the oven.
These ladies all look fabulous. Erin as Jem from the much loved 80’s cartoon. Kasey as a china doll. And Tina as Rowdy Roddy Piper, a wrestler from the 80’s.

Although fun games were planned for the whole evening,

Wade spent most of the night just talking politics with Michael. He did however participate in the pinata contest. See pictures below.

There was so much to do at the party that it was hard to fit it all in. One of the activities that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved was the Cooking decorating contest. I don’t think anyone won – we all ate our cookies too fast.

Here are Phil and Arianne working on their pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest.

I carved a pumpkin too but I liked the side that looked like a bum better than the face I put in the other side. Had my creative juices been flowing I would have carved a cute little thong for that crack.

The pinata contest drew a crowd but as the 3rd person in line Wade spoiled all the fun he took one whack and decapitated the little pirate pinata. Sorry friends.

We had a fun, fun, fun Halloween. Thank you Matt and Candice!!!

Tunk or Treat

This is Clark Kent, aka: Superman, aka: it's a bird, it's a plane, nope - just Wade. This was taken just before flying off to Trunk or Treat on Saturday night. Wade was a big hit with children and adults as he handed out full 6" chocolate cakes to the trick-or-treaters.

Friday, October 26, 2007

So Long to a Great Shirt

A shirt I purchased from a second hand shop back in '01, known as J.V. Blutiful has finally received its callup to the varsity squad in the the sky (by "sky" I mean "Taiwan" and not so much "shirt heaven," more later-).
The versatile button-up, collared, short sleeved garment was named Junior Varsity because for the duration of its' life with me it was overshadowed by a superior blue tee called Blutiful which I have owned longer. Perhaps it is for this reason that this occasion is such a solemn one. As Sir Elton said, "It seems to me you always lived your life like a candle in the wind, never knowin' who to turn to when the rain set in."
Although an outer article of clothing, it was an underdog. In recent months, I've noticed that the many worn areas and tears as in tares are actually tears as in tiers. "It must have been cold there in my shadow," says Blutiful.
Nevertheless, I realized that I was a hinderment to this upper half of an outfit, and even though the piece brought me joy and accompanied me on superb life experiences, it remained in my backpack while Varsity and I stood below Big Ben in London to ask people for the time. It was in the trunk of my car when we triumphed over Donner Pass in the worst snowstorm in history. When it could have been content with the assigned number two role, it also happened to be in last place, as I only owned two shirts during much of its early life.

I knew for the attires' sake we must part ways, and I could no longer defile it. I considered making some sort of display case or retire it like a sports jersey, but these would further convey my selfishness pertaining to the sewn collaboration. On my way to school a few days ago, I decided to place it atop the plaque below that commemorates my namesake, The Reverend Wade Blank who, in 1978, barricaded the number 15 in protest of the local bus' inaccessibility to disabled riders. His efforts caused Denver's fleet to become completely handicapped friendly by '85. I left it at this bus stop where I hoped someone who could love it more than I would collect it, since the stop is near a popular hang out for down-and-outs. To my surprise, the element of fashion remained when I passed by 13 hours later. I picked it up and again realized these efforts were for me, my name, or other would-be wearers. The only way the item would regain dignity would be to never be worn again.

I packaged J.V. Blutiful and sent it home. Billed to receiver, it is on its way to its' homeland, Taiwan. Not so much to be distributed to some lowly sucker as it was six years ago, but to be one, instead of clothing one. If the curator at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts knows anything about how a stagnant physical item can evoke feelings in its' calloused former owner, he or she will surely take back this native textile-son of Taiwan to encourage that population to see themselves in that shirt and finally break free from Chinese oppression.
My dear Taiwanese brother could never have become my number one, because it was too much like me. What a skank I am for not seeing the inner fashion of that piece of outer vogue. May all seven readers of this post be better. Reach to those who you hate because they are so similar to yourself. Send them to Taiwan.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Go Rockies!

These are our fabulous missionaries. They are doing a great job and for their extra hard work Wade unloaded his extra Rockies polos on them. Go Rockies!

I’m a quilter now. I just got a sewing machine from my momma and this is my first real project. I only have time to work on it little by little so it is coming together quite slowly and I really don’t know what I’m doing so we’ll see if it really comes together at all. It keeps me busy while my Wadey is at school late.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here's to my Gal

Ahh my girr Misty is top notch! This was a vid shot shortly after my summer return from the middle kingdom. She dons a saffron getup whilst washing our dishes. That's right, I just wrote whilst.

In this frame a tune called "The Disher Kisser" is sung by a cameraman with an unnaturally high voice. It is the sort of substance that the lonely become nauseated with but happens to be the only sappy language my tall, skinny heart knows.

Not many mortals can shine brighter than than their yellow outfits of choice, but this Mistified is magic. What a lady! Although a child of suburbia, she's sharper than the corner-officed dazzling urbanite and deeper than the rural wiseman whose cosmic understanding came from the land he is a steward of.

I would have her speak for me in legislative bodies or have her pitch in Game 7 of the series. If a peculier dealmaker who had some sort of authority to make big deals said to me that I could keep her only if I agreed to wearing an awful toothache in perpetuity, I would gladly offer the dental wellness of its thirty one peers in addition to the one in order to demonsrate to this deal broker and to all that a mouthful of sore teeth holds no sway on this man's perception of romance.

May we all be rather nice to dear Misty that she will teach us the secrets of the universe in a way that we will understand them.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Tom took us up to the mountains last weekend. We went off road and up into the guts of the mountain.

The bumpy ride was fun and the view from the top was spectacular. We had a great time and came home all worn out.

DC weekend

These are our Friends, Lauritz and Michelle. They live in Baltimore. We went to visit them over Labor Day weekend. We had a fabulous time. They took us all over Baltimore and Washington DC. Here we are in front of the capitol. We never found a Cinabun at the National Mall, imagine that, a mall with out a Cinabun.and of course we had to go to the botanical gardens

We had a fantastic time!


I've been tagged. -Thanks Marci

My Husband...
What is his name? Wade
How long have you been together? We met in December of 2002 and married the next year.
How old is he? He turned 28 today (September 14th)
Who eats more? At one sitting Wade can definitely put down more, but because of his crazy schedule sometimes he goes the whole day without eating
Who said I love you first? Wade, it was very sweet. We were at his parents house so I could meet them (we pretty much already know we were going to get married - sometimes we like to do things backwards) we had just woken up and were sitting together on the couch. When he finally let those pretty little words slip out of his mouth, I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet so I couldn’t even give him a kiss on the lips.
Who is taller? Wade, by about a foot
Who sings better? That would definitely be Wade. I love it when he makes up funny little songs to sing to me.
Who is smarter? I think we both do okay in this area. I got better grades but he is so good with words and he likes research (yuck) and he is really doing well in his Masters program
Whose temper is worse? Mine, I’m working on it though
Who does the laundry? Wade!
Who does the dishes? Usually I do, but Wade does them a lot too.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Were flip floppers. If we sleep up in the loft he usually sleeps on the right because the skylight is there and I can’t sleep if the light is in my eyes.
Who pays the bills? Right now I make the money and Wade pays the bills. This arrangement makes me a little nervous but our home is a much happier place when I’m not nagging him about how tight the money is.
Who mows the lawn? What lawn?
Who cooks dinner? I make dinner most of the time. When Wade cooks you can count on waffles.
Who drives when you are together? Wade
Who is more stubborn? Probably me, there are a few things Wade can be stubborn about Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Wade is too nice to ever be wrong. When I’m wrong he just lets me do my thing until I finally come around.
Whose parents do you see the most? That’s tough, maybe mine. We try to make it out to see them about twice a year each.
Who kissed who first? I kissed Wade first. It took a lot of strategic planning but I finally accomplished my goal
Who asked who out? I think Wade asked me out, although pre-first date is a jumbled mess in my head.
Who proposed? Wade, with a Dr. Seuss like poem. It was very cute.
Who is more sensitive? Depending on the day, I may break into tears first but he is very sensitive to other peoples needs and very sensitive to the spirit.
Who has more friends? We have lots of friends that we love and are making new ones all the time.
Who has more siblings? Wade has two brothers and two sisters. He’s the baby (can you tell?). I only have one cute little sister.
Who wears the pants in the family? Neither of us, we like the breeze on our bare bums

I tag... Teri, Susanna, and Kasey

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moroccan night

We went out to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant with our friends the Granges and the Rissers. We had a fabulous night tucked away in our own private room. The food was perfect and we were well entertained by Ryan and the belly dancer. By the end of the night we were ready to fall asleep right there on the pillows.

Click on the pictures below to see them full size.


We had a great time camping with our friends. We went at the end of July. California girls don't camp with tents but now that I'm in colorado I may have to rethink that. It rained all night and we ended up sleeping the crevice of a big boulder. Wade grew a mustache for our campin' trip and I couldn't look at him without laughing.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Most fun I've ever had breaking the Sabbath

Click the link below to get a shot of me and the crew getting in trouble for working on a Sunday. Unfortunately there wasn't any face time for me but ESPN gave me a sweet yellow arrow to bring attention to possibly the first ever sail assisted somersault.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So Hu Jintao had some sort of beef or Peking Duck against the content of my posts and I was unable to access this particular blog the last few days of the trip. I got back on Sunday, kissed my doll Misty like they do in the motion pictures, and am now engaged in the diplomatic effort to convince my body to consume dairy products with no foul repercussions. Tucked into some fondue sans lederhosen last night, so far so good.
The above pic is of me pulling a face that suggests I'm intrigued with the architecture of the Beijing performing arts complex currently under construction. Now I certainly was impressed with the style and whatnot, but perhaps this face hides the truth that the discipline/profession of architecture is merely subservient to landscape architecture. The above compostition could well be a poster depicting a man's hypocritcal nature. How could a pulled face whose center is not more than 12 inches from the bearer's heart so betray the latter? I'm less than swine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sunny California

I had a fabulous weekend. I went to sunny California to visit the fam. The flights were exhausting because of the layovers but it was all worth it. I spent Saturday with my Mom. Throughout the day between shopping and errands we got to visit with aunt Carol, my cousin Stacie, and aunt Peg. It is always hard so see everyone when I’m at home so it was nice to have the chance this time. We both got started on projects. I started the shunshine on her wall (as seen above) and she made me curtains for my round room. It will be so cute when they are up (pictures to come - as soon as Wade gets home with our camera).

Sunday I went to church in the morning and the rest of the day was reserved for my Dad. We had a great day. Dad, Madelyn and I just hung out, spending most of our time looking at model homes in Antioch and Brentwood. I love to go through and open house or model home and see how it’s laid out and decorated.

Between model homes we stopped to visit Grandma Maxine. She is so nice and happy in her old age, a different grandma than the one from my youth. Dad told stories I’ve never heard before about his childhood and about the Navy. It was a fun visit. We had tried to get Grandma to come out to eat with us but that wasn’t happening. Leaving the house makes her a little nervous and she is very content just where she is at. She missed a yummy dinner at Johnny Carino’s.

Monday was my last day and I needed every minute to finish up that sunshine. I still have a few finishing touches to make that will have to wait till my next trip but I think I found a pretty good stopping place. Mom finished my curtains just in time – she had to make 10. I hung one up this morning and they are so cute! They make a big difference.

Only 5 more days until Wade gets home and I can’t wait!

Still have my virtue, barely

A pagoda at summer palace in Chengde, strolled around there yesterday, visited a few Lama Buddhist temples today. Got a superb massage, not one of those sketchy ones you often hear about, just one based on the ancient science of blah blah blah with elements introduced from modern methods of (yawn). The friendly asian chap who handled me beat the crap out of me, but it felt spectacular afterwords. Magic.
While on the topic of odd intimate experiences, I was measured for a custom suit the other day. When I collect the articles on Thursday, I suspect they will fit as well as my own skin, as the tailor left no guesswork when he goes to assemble the fabric. A fellow has not truly felt vulnerable until he has stood in the middle of a busy shop with sundry measuring tape configurations around his netherregions. Until now I've made it a personal tenet to embrace the cultures of the world and to be tolerant. To hell with that, some of these people are freaks!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

It really is a great wall

A fitting name for a fine wall. Miraculous, marvelous, magnificent; a splendid barricade. I worked up a fair lather on my brow negotiating its topography, at the time of this cyber jot, I reek of a mans armpit. No picture today as the computer I'm using has no desire to facilitate the use of my cameras' images or the images on my jump drive. Perhaps you may google image search the great wall at Badaling or a like-worded search to view pictures of the section I visited. I may attach personal pics as future venues for such digital communiques will permit.
As for my stomach issues of yesterday, history. Woke up this morning as the captain of this vessell, no outside or inside force could trump this commanders will. I will say that although the affliction has passed, I cannot claim to be 100%, for I am aware that my tall and slendor self is incomplete without and has a physiological need for my sweet Misty Brook. More than air and more than food does this pasty amassing of dust yearn to be squeezed by Her Lovliness. I want to kiss her precisely on the lips immediately, and until such an arrangement transpires, I cannot wander fully upright or sincerely display a meaningful smile.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Internal conflict

Another stolen image, this time a shot of the marble boat at Summer Palace. It was a tricky day to fully admire the merits of the construction of a boat made of marble as my poor tummy experienced some moderate turbulence through the morning and into the afternoon, possibly from ingesting some DDT-laced green onions in a delicious chinese breakfast burrito. It was a delicate dance trying to immerse myself in the landscape and maintain my poise by not allowing any type of disgusting explosion.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The lady next to me is smoking, this won't be long

Had a nice visit to the forbidden city and Heaven Temple today. It rained like crazy and I got soaked. I stole this picture from the information superhighway, thanks Jan. I didn't want to get my camera wet, and besides, this shot has way fewer tourists than the way it appeared this morning.
We were unable to spend any time at Tiananmen, as there was some type of Olympic something something going on, but it wasn't hard to imagine the gory scene of 18 years ago from the opposite side of the street. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from the place, so I anticipate going there in the next day or two.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Mex

I just got back from New Mexico! I’ve been trying to keep busy on the weekends while Wade is in China. Aunt Peg and Amy took good care of me. We went to Madrid, NM where “Wild Hogs” was filmed. It is a cute, hippy town, about two blocks long with lots of artsy shops. I had a hippy lunch of hummus, feta, and pita bread. It was in this town which I found the perfect surprise for Wade’s return, no unfortunately not turquoise. We then trekked to Santa Fe where we did a little more shopping and had a lot of fun.

While I was there we celebrated Cash and Paige’s birthdays. They had a great time shoving their faces into their cakes. Cash is such a cute baby with his big beautiful green-blue eyes. Judging from Wade’s last blog it looks like I won’t have to wait too much longer for a cute little guy of my own.

It was a weekend filled with food, fun, and lot of laughter.

Monday, May 28, 2007

First souvenier acquired

This is him, Cloud Angus Finlinson, just finished the paperwork and he's coming backe with me. Misty's not the only one who gets to hang out with cute babies, I was so envious of the NM trip, I purchased one myself.
Had a nice jaunt from Shanghai up to another village of 7 million, Hangzhou. We went up to a Buddhist temple on a mountain and hiked around a bit. There was a big lake at the bottom where we rented the coolest bikes ever and efficiently saw spectacular scenery.
Tonight we ride the rails all night to Beijing, I only hope the street meat, "smeat," will not be a source of gastro turbulence in the lengthy periond of confinement.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The physiology of the Red-tailed Hawk

Woke up this morning in Suzhou and upon checkout was accused of stealing a towel. I paid the equivalent of $3.00 to avoid escalation of an international conflict and agreed that my new chinese name would be Mao Chin je, or Towel thief. Apperantly the translation of the words is absolutely hilarious to a native speaker, so now I'm somehow equipped with the easiest joke in history simply by introducing myself.
Following my near arrest, we traveled to the site of this picture, Tong li, a malarial version of Venice, very beautiful. I was on such a comedic high from the morning's linen pillage, that I decided to pull this funny face for the photograph.
We then came back to Shanghai where we will be for a few days before heading north.
Prior to my Tong Li departure, I sampled a rather popular frozen desert, something I call peasicle, a creamsicle that is flavored with green peas and even has pea pulp frozen in with the deliciousness. Personally, I didnt' get it, and would argue that it's a disgrace to peas and creamsicles, but 1/5 of the Worlds population would have something to say about it, so the matter will rest after this posting.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I fixed the picture for Wade. He's cute!

Just went out for Chinese

I don't have a clue how to rotate a picture on a computer with commands in Chinese characters. You'll have to adapt. As you can see, my resemblance to Good Chairman Mao has in fact brought me good fortune and long life. This is at a place called Tiger Hill, which is a large park with a tall pagoda atop it. You can see the other red carraige behind me in the distance, that is the royal vessel of a chubby classmate whose servants needed a breath before completing the hike.
Though my observations of this and a place called Lingering Garden, today I have learned for myself that the design requirements mandated by the American Disabilities Act are in defiance of Feng Shui principles. Lots of massive rock structures, high bridges without rails, and random holes in the pavement that fall to former tiger traps are congruent to the able flow of Qi through and around a site, all of which handicapped oppressors refuse to allow in the land of the free. As Stevie Henry, Patrick's brother said, Give me Qi flow or give me death!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogpost 5/??

This is called the Leading to the Bridge of Quietude, a place where the name is nearly as scenic as the space itself. After spending the day yesterday in Shanghai's Chinatown (the only place in town where I saw live chickens, and therefore the only authentic part of that city), and this morning we left early to spend three days here in Suzhou. Upon arrival to the small Chinese city of five million, we went to a few old gardens and a silk factory. Gardens- superb, silk factory- ahh. It was interesting to see the process of digestion/manufacturing, but I'm compelled to believe that a true factory in this part of the world does not have an elegant shopping mall adjacent to it to pawn the wares produced inside. Nor do I think all such factories have a buffet-style cafeteria inside that is filled with fat white people in shorts and tube socks. Naive ol' me, who knew?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I went to a NIA class with Susanna, Teri, and Sarah today. We had fun. We did lots of wild moves and shook our booties like crazy.

The landscape of criminal capitalism

We spent some time checking out some new architecture yesterday in a new part of town, nothing really feng shui or even designed with any sort of cultural implication, but rather cool buildings nonetheless. The street near our hotel is pretty much evolving to become a fabricated destination with the same shops as Santa Monica's third st. Promedade, SF's Pier 39, or SLC's Gateway. I don't want to go to The middle kingdom to get a Gucci bag, I don't even want a Gucci bag. The frames on my spectacles are Gucci, however.
I'm quite looking forward to heading to Suzhou tomorrow to see a place that could only exist in pre criminal communism/pre criminal capitalism China.

There's no Panda Express in this Town

After a few days of this fine town, I think I'm coming down with a little Shanghai lung. All sorts of particulates in the air, make's a guy wheeze. I saw a kid cough up something that looked like a brownie. While walking to church the other day, I created this snapshot of a fellow taking a nap in the back of his truck. Want to kiss my Misty right on the lips.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Farmers Market

We had a very busy day today. In the morning we planed two tomato plants in containers for the patio. Yum, cant wait until they are ready. Bought plants with green tomatoes on the vine so I wouldn't have to wait too long.

We had an Enrichment Activity at Margo's house. She helped us plant herbs. I went a little crazy and planted basil, oregano, dill, parsley, sage, lavender, and another that I can't remember the name of. Our patio is going to be filled with colorful pots and lots of tasty herbs.

Marmy and I went to the fabric store today and bought material for curtains and a quilt. I am excited to get it all put together. I should have a lot of projects to keep me busy, but I guess I'll just be watching the plants grow now. I can't get the sewing machine out of storage because only Wade knows the code so the quilt will also have to wait.

It has been an exhaustingly good day!

Wo hen xihuan Zhong Guo!

This friendly chap is assisting his buddy who is not visible as he is working the pedals in the movement of this relatively large bicylcle load. This spectacle was fitting punctuation for a splendid day of racing the sun from the rockies to this remarkable town. I beat the ball of burning gas, but only just. It finally made it over the perpetuitous eastern horizon shortly after my landing here in the middle kingdom. This morning I'm faced with the tasks of locating both a place to worship and a dining venue that serves some decent duck rectum soup.

Friday, May 18, 2007


It was a bitter-sweet day. This morning I had to say goodbye to my Wadey for 24 days while he trecks through China in his search for Fung Shui. Luckily my mom was here to console me. I snuck out of work early and we had a fabulous time together. We did some shopping, had lunch, and went to the Wicked musical. Loved it! It was wickedly delicious with a surprise ending - at least it surprised me. We topped the night off with a Gelazzi ice cream - the perfect end to an almost perfect day. I wish my baby were here to share it with me and I could really use a kiss good night.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I will not be bullied

Tap the link to see a lady count a few of the 600 nickels I gave her as payment for a parking ticket.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Resting on my laurels

It has been 65 glorious days since I triumphed over the naysayers who negatively shook their heads as they saw me stop beside a small break in the automobiles alongside the curb of Larimer Street. The canopy of lights above the street, the swarms of club-goers, shoppers and diners had no effect on my heartrate as I was as collected as Ghandi as I eased into the prime spot with the help of a chap named J.T., who made sure I capitalized on every available inch. The photo above doesn't lie, ten inches to spare behind the stern, eight inches 'tween the bow of my vessel and the black rig in front.

BBQ in the rain

Sheets of rain gushed down last night along with constant thunder and lighting, but the ominous weather did not deter us from having a great time. As a matter of fact the boys threw on trash bags and couldn't wait to get out in the rain. GK manned the video camera and Ryan tended the BBQ, I’m pretty sure Wade was just goofing off the whole time. We ate a ton of food and visited till way too late. The boys couldn't get enough of Google-Earth and finally had to be dragged home by their wives.

Monday, February 26, 2007


No, were not quite ready to have babies yet. But like any girl, I do like to think of names. I want to go with water related names (Like Wade and Misty) so I started brainstorming. My list is down the right side of the page. Some are way to weird but I just included everything I could think of. Any more ideas?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bryan Is In, Monday 02.19.2007

Wade had to go to school in the morning so he got up and left. Kasey, Bryan and I had the morning to get ready so we just took it slow. It’s a little difficult getting ready in our little apartment because we don’t really have a bedroom so we just get ready in the living room and that doesn’t work to well when we have guests. They’d be shocked if they had to see me in my underpants.

Bryan had his interview at 11 a.m. He has applied for a MBA at UC Denver. It went really well and they told him he was accepted right after the interview. Woohoo! Our friends are going to move to Denver. We’re pretty excited. After lunch we spent the afternoon driving around different neighborhoods to show them where they should live (within our ward boundaries of course).

Bryan and Kasey took us out to dinner at Racines. We had a great time. We were all wiped out by the time we got home. They endured CSI with me then we were all ready for bed.

Barbie Attacks, Sunday 02.18.2007

We got an early start. Wade had a 7 a.m. meeting at the Church and I took Bryan and Kasey with me to pick up Mary Jane at the Nursing home. She’s not too fast and a little grouchy until the nurse gave her some happy pills. We made it to church - we were a little late.

Barbie sat in the chair right next to Teri. I got the giggles in Sunday School as Barbie fell asleep and started to tip over onto Teri’s lap. Teri is a sweetheart and just scooted over a smidgen to give her more room.

We came home to crock pot chile for lunch then Kasey and I made Banana wantons as Bryan and Wade had a spitting contest of the balcony.

GK & Susanna and Teri & Ryan showed up around 7 p.m. and we just sat around and had a good chat. We are trying to recruit Bryan & Kasey into moving to Denver and church friends are a key factor. I think they had a good time.

Busy Day, Saturday 02.17.2007

Saturday was busy. Went to WW, I am up 0.2, bummer.

Wade cleaned the house and I went to the grocery store. When I got home he helped me bring everything in. Our doors are made for short people and on his way out to bring in more groceries Wade ran full force into the door jam, he lay at the bottom of the stairs passed out, were not sure for how long. He seems to be doing okay but does have a big lump on his head.

The missionaries showed up right on time for dinner and after they left we picked up Bryan and Kasey at the airport and took them for a drive around Denver then out to Gelazzi at Larimer Square for Italian Ice cream.

Out with the Crew, Friday 02.16.2007

We went out to dinner at D' Corazon with Teri & Ryan and GK & Susanna. Good food and cheap - dont drink the milk!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our first blog

Hi Everyone,

Wade and I just thought we'd give this a try. We hope to be putting pictures and other things on too.